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As a Church of England Primary School, our ethos is firmly grounded in Christian Values. We are committed to celebrating each child in our school. We seek to provide opportunities, recognising the gifts and talents of each individual. Our close knit community allows us to help our children to grow and flourish, both personally and academically.

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Thunderbolt Class

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Dear Parents,

It has been an absolute pleasure getting to know each and every one of the children in Thunderbolt class over the past week and a half. They have settled in beautifully, having lots of fun and are adjusting well to all of new rules and expectations. I am very happy to see many children taking the responsibility to put away their own book-bag, water bottle and snack each morning.
To learn the ins and outs of the Thunderbolt Classroom and the outside play area, the children have been given lots of time to play and explore. There has been lots of creative and constructive activity over the past few days - lots of imaginative roleplay in home corner/fruit and vegetable shop/outside; many fantastic paintings/drawn and decorated pictures/colouring-in which has gone up on our ‘Creative Wall’; and lots of thoughtful designs made with our various construction resources.
This term our theme is ‘All About Me’. The children have enjoyed showing off their ‘All About Me’ scrapbooks to their classmates and to their year 5/6 ‘buddies’ which they have been matched up with.
Each week we focus our learning around a different topic related to our theme. This week our topic has been ‘Special Me’ - the children have been using mirrors to paint a portrait of their face paying attention to shape, space and colour—these look fantastic up on display, come and see! They have also been drawing pictures and speaking about their families, favourite things and what they might like to be when they grow up to complete their ‘All About Me’ profiles. The children also decorated their own
Thunderbolt train carriage with a photo of them sat inside to display on the door of our classroom.
The children have started engaging in adult-led, timetabled phonics lessons where we follow the ‘Floppy Phonics’ scheme. The children have been learning the sounds s, a and t; they have practised writing the sounds, listening to the sounds in different words within our interactive CD-books and practising hand actions to accompany each sound. As we learn more sounds over the term the children will start to read simple words by blending the sounds they know together and will also segment words into their smallest sounds to begin spelling/writing simple words.

Next week our topic is ‘My Family’. Please can you send in a family photograph for Tuesday 19th September to facilitate a ‘communication and language’ activity.
Also next week, homework will begin for all classes. For reception year this will be reading books. Please try to read with your child every day. I leave it to your judgement as to how many pages your child should read. This should be a relaxing and positive experience , so only ask them to read only what they feel can manage (possibly only 1-4 pages to start with). It is totally understandable that the children are
very tired adjusting to the full day at school so during some of these early days it may be best to skip reading if they are fatigued. These reading books will match up to the sounds they have learnt in their phonics lessons. Please ask them to read each letter/sound in the word and then try to say them quickly together to enable them to hear the word. More guidance on how to effectively read to your child will be provided at our ‘Reading Evening’ soon. These books will be accompanied by their ‘Reading Journals’ (yellow book). Please write inside the page number they have read up to at home, the date and any comments about how your session went., so we can continue reading in school. Reception’s ‘Curriculum Information Evening’ will be held on Tuesday 26th September 3:15-4pm (Mrs Fitch will supervise your children).
Please further congratulate your children on an excellent start to school.

Many Thanks,
Mr Yakub