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As a Church of England Primary School, our ethos is firmly grounded in Christian Values. We are committed to celebrating each child in our school. We seek to provide opportunities, recognising the gifts and talents of each individual. Our close knit community allows us to help our children to grow and flourish, both personally and academically.

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Class 1


Welcome to the Reception Class!

We are a fun loving group of children who thrive off learning in a whole range of contexts.

Whether it's through making dens, cooking (with food or mud!!), water play, construction, mark making, role play or nature walks, we are always exploring and discovering together.

At St Andrew's we are privileged to have our own Foundation Stage class as we are very mindful of the fact that the EYFS curriculum differs significantly from Key Stage 1 and requires an alternative approach to facilitating the learning. We have such beautiful, spacious grounds which provides a wealth of learning opportunities. Additionally we are able to access a woodland area created especially by a member of our local community for the children do engage in Forest School activities.

Every Friday, children from Chedworth Preschool come and join us for the day to experience a little taste of school life! Our Reception children thoroughly enjoy seeing many of their friends again and it also gives them an opportunity to be the 'big ones' for once; they are able to become little 'mentors' for the younger children over the year which is such a crucial part of their development.

The children have written their own class values once again, this year. Our values help to understand how we can interact with each other in the most positive way. They are:

We are kind to each other

We help each other

We show courage.

We hope that, if you drop in, you will see these values in action, and that you too will learn something new before you leave our classroom!

Mrs Fitch and Mr Yakub (Class Teachers)



The children have returned to school raring to go and seem particularly enthusiastic about our new topic ‘Up, Up, Above’. The curriculum is led by what the children want to learn about and the sky, the weather, flying animals, aeroplanes, the Earth, planets, moon, stars, space, jet packs, rockets and aliens (of course) all featured heavily in the children’s suggestions when planning for their next topic last term! We will therefore endeavour to include each of these during the sessions this term.

Over the 6 weeks we will go on a journey from the sky all the way into outer space. Each week will have a slightly different focus question with a scientific and often fictional flavour. These will include ‘what might you see in the sky?’, ‘what would it be like to travel inside a rocket?’, ‘what are the planets and what are they like?’, ‘what is it like on the moon?’, ‘what would an alien look like and what would you ask it?’ We will also begin each week with additions to the role-play ‘space station’ and provide creative activities for the children to create props for their play and let their imaginations go wild! As we progress through the term, if there are questions that the children have, we will adapt activities to ensure that the curriculum continues to be ‘child led’. 

As we are a Church of England school, Religious Education (RE) is taught discretely. This term we are thinking about the question ‘What makes people special?’ We will be thinking about special people in our lives as well as thinking about who Christians and Jews view as being special people in their faith and why this might be.

Our PE sessions will be on a Friday as usual and will be linked with our topic with a particular focus on expressive movement. Swimming also starts on Thursday for our class. They will just need their costumes and a towel (preferably a plastic bag for wet towels and costumes). Everything else will be provided by the swimming centre. 

We are very much looking forward to all that this term has in store.