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As a Church of England Primary School, our ethos is firmly grounded in Christian Values. We are committed to celebrating each child in our school. We seek to provide opportunities, recognising the gifts and talents of each individual. Our close knit community allows us to help our children to grow and flourish, both personally and academically.

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Home Learning

Prospectus Curriculum Homework

The POWer project homework tasks are available here:

Class 2: Poles Apart: Projects 1, Projects 2

Class 3: The World's Kitchen: Projects 1, Projects 2

Class 4: Disaster!: Projects 1, Projects 2


Our Calculations Policy is available here. It outlines the methods your child is being taught to solve maths problems, year by year. Please follow the methods outlined when working at home, to avoid potential confusion.

Online learning

Please try these great sites for a whole range of educational games and programmes to use at home with your child.

Purple Mash: every child has their own personal username and password. There are dozens of fantastic projects and apps to explore!

STOPS: free mental maths games and programmes which link directly with the Maths Passport skills.

BBC Bitesize: activities and information galore.

Sheppard Software: a massive range of games addressing all areas of the curriculum.

Learning Games for Kids: does what it says on the tin...

Funbrain: loads of educational games, mainly addressing maths and English skills