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GL54 4AJ

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As a Church of England Primary School, our ethos is firmly grounded in Christian Values. We are committed to celebrating each child in our school. We seek to provide opportunities, recognising the gifts and talents of each individual. Our close knit community allows us to help our children to grow and flourish, both personally and academically.

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The school has very close links and works in conjunction with the local pre-school. Weekly transition visits take place at least once a week throughout the whole year, where the pre-school children come to the school to get the know the staff, the school environment and the school routines. This ensures that the transition into school from pre-school is smooth, seamless and well coordinated.  

When asked about their time at school the pre-school children say that "it is really good fun!"

Chedworth Pre-School children and their families are welcomed to a fun and friendly environment where personal knowledge of the children is a priority. The small rural pre-school was established in 1976 and continues to thrive over 40 years on as an integral part of the community.

There is a very well qualified, experienced and cohesive team who work alongside the children to follow their interests and curiosity in both indoor and outdoor environments.

The pre-school is open every day of the week from 8.20am to 2.45pm and has times and terms coordinated with the school. The pre-school sessions are:

8:20am - 8:45am - Breakfast club (allows pre-school children to be dropped at at 8:20 and then older sibblings can be walked down the hill to school ready for school opening at 8:30am)

8.45am - 12.45pm - Morning Session

12:45pm to 2.45pm (allows pre-school children to be picked up prior to the school pick up at 3pm)


Pre-school is located at Chedworth Village Hall, Fields Road, Chedworth, GL54 4NQ (just 5mins walk from school)

For further information contact Sarah Smith (manager) by emailing or calling 07840370220