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As a Church of England Primary School, our ethos is firmly grounded in Christian Values. We are committed to celebrating each child in our school. We seek to provide opportunities, recognising the gifts and talents of each individual. Our close knit community allows us to help our children to grow and flourish, both personally and academically.

Reading at Home

Listening to your child read regularly at home has a huge impact on all their academic achievements.
We aim for our children to develop a love of reading and therefore read for enjoyment.
It is essential that they fully understand what they are reading and this is why questioning them is so very important.

Here are some possible questions to ask when hearing your child read:

Which part did you like best? Did you find anything fun?
Who did you like best in the story? Why?
Did any part of the story surprise you?
What sort of book is this?

How do you think the story will end?
Why do you think the book is called________?
Do the pictures and layout help you understand the book?
Where does the story take place?
How did the story make you feel?

What sort of character is ____________?
Has anything in the story ever happened to you?
What character would you like to be? Why?
Tell me about some other books you have read recently.