About us

Our school aims to create an environment where children feel respected, safe and valued within a Christian community. We develop positive attitudes towards the contributions of people of all races, beliefs, abilities and genders. Our children are positively encouraged to develop a sense of compassion for others. Our children develop their curiosity, originality, perseverance, open-mindedness, independence of thought, spiritual dimension and the ability to reflect. They gain self-respect and confidence through working co-operatively and taking pride in their own learning and that of others. Our children learn to take an increasing responsibility for their behaviour and their role in the learning process and can acquire knowledge and skills to develop their abilities to their full potential. We love our learning to be purposeful, challenging and pleasurable. 


Our team is experienced, dedicated and committed to helping children achieve their highest potential. We plan and match work according to the individual needs of each child and we celebrate our children in all we do. 



  • Ms Jennifer Glass
    Chair of Governors
  • Dr Jon Francis
    Vice Chair of Governors
  • Mrs V Brosch
    Staff Governor
  • Mr James Woodman
    Foundation Governor (Appointed by Yanworth PCC)
  • Mrs A Baxter
    Foundation Governor (Appointed by Chedworth PCC) Chair of Finance and Premises committee.
  • Rev Stephen Goundrey - Smith
    Foundation Governor - Ex-Officio (as parish priest)
  • Mrs M Williams
    Foundation Governor (appointed by Chedworth PCC)
  • Mrs L Morgan
    Parent Governor (Ballot appointed)
  • Mrs N Smith
    Headteacher Ex Offficio
  • Mr M Fulford
    Associate Member (FGB approved)
  • Mrs K Milsted
    Local Authority Governor (appointment by Gloucestershire County Council)