COVID-19 Information

Isolating & Home Learning 

If you/ your child is isolating due to COVID, please let us know on their first day of absence the reason for them not attending. We will set home learning through Google Classroom (as with last academic year). Please let us know if your child is ill and therefore you do not require work for them. Our home/ blended learning plan states the specifics of our online learning. 


Risk Assessments and Outbreak Management 

From September 1st many of the restrictions on schools have been lifted for individual settings to make sensible decisions. While we will not be operating bubbles in the first instance, these are part of our outbreak management plan. 

We will continue with many of our precautions: 

  • Regularly cleaning touch points. 
  • Washing hands regularly (especially before eating) as well as using hand sanitiser. 
  • Ventilating classrooms - we have also had air quality monitors installed since March, providing extra data about the air in the learning spaces. 
  • Monitoring pupils in school and supporting parents with testing if children show any of the 3 main symptoms.