Thunderbolt Class

Children start Reception class in September by attending from 8.30- 12.00, and gradually build up to full days by the first full week back.

Learning is developed through well-planned play. This takes place both within the classroom and in a self-contained outdoor area, to which access is available at all times.

All children are encouraged to progress at their own pace through the Early Years Curriculum with the support and guidance of the class teacher and teaching assistant. 

Our aim in Reception is to give children the best possible start to their time at school. 



Across Key Stage 1, children learn phonics daily. We follow the 'Little Wandle Letters and Sounds’ programme of work to teach them basic sounds as a platform for reading. Lesson resources help support children with their recognition of sounds, formation of letters and groups of sounds.

reading with your child booklet for parents.pdf


pronunciation guide autumn 1.pdf


pronunciation guide autumn 2 1.pdf





As the children become more confident, they move into phonics groups according to their individual needs. Children are assessed regularly to ensure maximum progress. Through daily phonics lessons, children are taught Phase 2 and Phase 3 sounds and how to segment and blend.  

Children are also introduced to 'tricky' words during phonics sessions, these are words which cannot yet be sounded out but are regularly used.