School Vision

Our ‘Core Christian Values’ of TrustRespect and Forgiveness remain at the heart of our attitudes towards each other and ourselves as well as informing many of our key policies; these, in turn, shape our day to day practice within the school. Each term, we have a ‘school value in focus’ (for example, ‘Thankfulness’ or Perseverance) which is explored in many different ways throughout the term.

Our School Vision very much encompasses these Christian Values; it represents the future that we wish to create. When our aspirations are set out clearly and with confidence, they become a powerful vehicle for communicating what we want to achieve.


St Andrew’s Church of England Primary School Vision 

‘I have come that you may have life, and have it to the full’  John 10.10

The ethos at our school is founded upon the belief that every person is made in the image of God and deserves to shine and excel.  We aim to be a school where children, staff and parents alike are encouraged to develop and offer their gifts and talents freely for the good of all.


Our vision at St Andrew’s is that every child in our school knows that they are loved by God and learns all that they need to flourish and live their lives to the full.

The School Vision also underpins strategy. Our strategy details the areas and issues that we need to address in order to fulfil our vision for the school and gives all involved a clear understanding of what education looks like at our school; it drives forward the unique quality of education that we provide here at St Andrew’s. 

Learning to live out our Christian values

Our values at St Andrews Church of England Primary School are rooted in the Bible.  We are learning what it means to live out these values in all parts of our lives.

Learning through an inspiring curriculum.

St Andrew’s is a happy, innovative school where our broad curriculum has a particular focus on children’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.  We strive for and achieve high academic standards.  Our families are encouraged to be actively involved in the life of our school community and we look to foster an ever stronger partnership with parents for the benefit of the children’s development. 

Learning to develop healthy lifestyles

St Andrew’s places a high priority on being physically active, mentally healthy and learning to make healthy lifestyle choices.  We are learning to live out our values, work together in teams, become mentally strong and develop an appreciation of the benefits and challenges of competition, through sport and offer curriculum activities.

Learning to live as part of a wider community

St Andrew’s is at the heart of the life of our village.  We are learning through our keen involvement in the local area including our partnership St Andrew’s church.  We are also learning to be active national and global citizens, striving to be knowledgeable about the challenges and opportunities facing us and how we might best respond to these, informed by our values.

Learning to help one another shine.

At St. Andrew’s, we seek to foster a culture of encouragement and involvement, valuing each individual for who they are and for their unique contribution to our amazing school.